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Celeste Stein Designs Inc. is the largest sublimation printer for women's hosiery in the United States. We currently manufacture and design for over 10 of America's largest department stores, and over 1,000 private enterprise boutiques.
We carry more fashion prints for hosiery than any other manufacturer in the world and have the ability to print to almost all manmade materials. We are a women owned and operated business. All products are produced in Galveston, Texas. So if you are need of hosiery, you have come to the right place!
It's Easy to Order Online!
We carry every kind, color, and style of fashion hosiery.
Adult sizes and children sizes available. Just browse each category to find the style of hosiery you are in need of. Pick a pattern, choose your size, and order away. Solid colors available too! Just follow the simple steps we have below, and you'll have custom hosiery shipped right to your door.
Please feel free to browse through our products, and use the search function to find "keywords" on any particular style you might be looking for in the catalog of prints. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us or call.
Step One • Select Your Category
Select a Category
All items are organized by category. For example, if you are looking for trouser socks, or knee-high socks, then you would click on the "socks" category. If you were looking for children's tights, then they would be under the "tights" category.
Step Two • Select Your Item
Select an Item
Now that you are in your desired category, go ahead and browse through the pages until you find the item you are looking for. Select the item by clicking on its Title Bar above the description and picture of the item.
Step Three • Stylize Your Item
Choose a Print or Color
If you have selected a product that can printed on then click on the "Choose Print" button, the print catalog browser will pop-up in a separate window, allowing you to choose from over 1800 original print concepts. After selecting your print click the "Add to Cart" button. Solid colors are not capable of being printed over. Only white, or naked colors.